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If you or your loved one suffered the loss of a limb or another amputation injury as a result of someone else’s negligence, reach out to Fulmer Sill today to learn how we can help.

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Seek Justice for Catastrophic Amputation Injuries

Amputation injuries, including the loss of a limb, are among the most catastrophic and life-altering injuries. Victims and their loved ones will likely face a wide range of physical, emotional, and financial challenges, from dealing with the pain and trauma of the injury to obtaining proper medical care and budgeting for costly prostheses.

At Fulmer Sill, we recognize how difficult it is to move forward with your life after an amputation injury. If you or someone you love has lost a limb or suffered any type of catastrophic amputation due to the negligence of another, you could be entitled to financial compensation for your economic and non-economic damages, including your medical bills, future care costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. We encourage you to reach out to our highly experienced personal injury lawyers today to learn how we can help you seek the full, fair recovery you are owed.

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Understanding the Prevalence of Amputation Injuries

Data reveal that approximately 1.7 million Americans—or 1 out of every 200 people in the United States—have suffered some type of amputation. Each year, about 50,000 new amputation injuries occur in the U.S., a large number of which are attributed to traumatic amputation.

As opposed to medical or surgical amputations, traumatic amputations (also known as “accidental amputations” or “dismemberments”) occur when an individual loses a limb or another body part due to a traumatic accident or event. Often, these incidents arise from the negligent or wrongful conduct of others. When this is the case, victims could be entitled to financial compensation for their resulting losses, or “damages.”

Leading Causes of Traumatic Amputations

Accidental, or traumatic, amputations frequently arise from catastrophic accidents, events, and intentional acts of violence.

Some examples include:

In some cases, traumatic events may necessitate the surgical amputation of a limb or body part. For example, someone who suffers severe burn injuries or bodily trauma due to an explosion or fire may require surgical amputation of an affected limb. However, the vast majority of amputations in the U.S. are the result of illness, chronic disease, and various medical conditions, including diabetes, infections, cancer, and tumors.

Life After an Amputation: Challenges and Legal Support

Losing a limb is a painful and emotionally traumatic experience. Victims often face a long, difficult road to recovery lined with numerous, costly medical procedures and ongoing rehabilitative care. Many will be unable to return to work, either temporarily or permanently, meaning they will face additional financial hardship on top of mounting medical bills and related expenses. Amputees often struggle with phantom pain, which can manifest as a burning, shooting, stabbing, or throbbing pain. They may also face numerous medical complications, from infection to permanent nerve damage to joint contractures.

In short, the effects of amputation are numerous and extreme.

At Fulmer Sill, we believe that you deserve full and fair compensation for your physical, emotional, and financial damages following an amputation injury. If someone else was to blame for the incident that led to your injury, our Oklahoma City amputation attorneys can help you fight to hold them accountable.

Depending on the specific details of your situation, we may be able to help you recover compensation for the following damages:

  • Emergency medical transportation and care
  • Hospitalization and related fees
  • Surgery and other medical procedures
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Pain management programs
  • Prescription and over-the-counter medications
  • Medical equipment and devices, including wheelchairs and prosthetics
  • Future medical treatment, care, and related expenses
  • Lost income, wages, and benefits
  • Loss of future expected earnings and benefits
  • Physical and mental pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish and distress
  • Counseling, therapy, and other mental health services
  • Lost earning capacity due to impairment or permanent injury

In some cases, victims of traumatic amputation may even be entitled to punitive, or “exemplary,” damages. These damages are not meant to compensate victims for specific losses but, rather, to punish defendants for gross negligence, wanton misconduct, or intentional infliction of injury without regard to the lives and safety of others.

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Why Hire an Amputation Attorney?

Catastrophic injuries, including amputation injuries, present many unique challenges when it comes to one’s physical, emotional, and financial recovery. It is important that you work with an attorney who understands the specific difficulties you are facing, as well as the obstacles that still lay ahead.

At Fulmer Sill, our Oklahoma City amputation injury lawyers have extensive experience in this particular area of personal injury law. We have helped numerous people dealing with injuries like yours fight for the fair compensation they deserved, successfully recovering millions of dollars in both settlements and verdicts. We offer a different approach based on the same values of helping our clients navigate the legal process with as little stress and the greatest likelihood of success as possible. Our attorneys work together on every case that passes through our doors, and we are committed to always being accessible, open, and honest with our clients.

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