FS Gallery is a not-for-profit visual art exhibition space situated on the ground floor of the historic Buick Building in Oklahoma City.


Founded in 2015, FS Gallery is committed to bringing together emerging local artists & community organizations with similar vision and values. We pride ourselves on operating with the highest level of excellence, encouraging personal enrichment, and positive social change.

FS Gallery presents an ongoing program of rotating solo exhibitions featuring unique, hand-picked artists from around Oklahoma. An artist approved percentage of proceeds will go to a charity within the community chosen by the current artist on exhibition. Please direct all purchase inquiries or private gallery tour requests to admin@fulmersill.com




The sky has always held a special place in my life. The same sky exists no matter where your location on Earth, and as a child I moved many times to new locations with my active military family. Wherever I was, each place had a familiar sky with familiar clouds I could watch to make me feel at home. Oklahoma is where I was born in 1959 and where I landed for good in 1977. The skies I watch here are among the most varied and entertaining to be found anywhere in the world.


With weather information available from my local forecasters, I remain aware of where and when storms might materialize.  When the conditions are ripe, I head to one of the locations I’ve staked out with unobstructed views of the sky. I often photograph more than a hundred images during each outing, so when I’m back in the studio I can look through the pictures for the most dynamic ones that say to my eyes “paint me”.

I relish my time spent observing developing storms. They have a timeless beauty and show an undeniable power that I work to capture in my paintings.  I consider each painting a portrait of an individual storm captured at a single moment in time with accurate details that work to present its unique personality. I see storms as a blessing. They provide water, the building block of all life on Earth.  They are the vehicle by which life on Earth is sustained.