Fulmer Sill is a full service firm focused on representing individuals, families, and small businesses that have been harmed by other individuals and corporations. As proud members of the legal profession, we enjoy helping our clients deal with overwhelming and, sometimes, tragic situations in which they may find themselves. Many times, those situations are unknown territory for our clients, especially when dealing with powerful companies, so we try to make sure they have all the information they need right from the start. Our goal is to not only provide the best legal services to our clients but to create safer communities in Oklahoma and throughout the United States.

The founders of Fulmer Sill wanted to move away from the traditional law firm structure in order to facilitate a more efficient and collaborative environment. By taking cues from the corporate world and hard lessons learned in a traditional law firm environment while taking on some of the world’s largest corporations, Fulmer Sill has made several innovative changes to how we handle each case. In fact, from the lay out of the Fulmer Sill offices to the FS Processes™, the entire firm was designed to deliver more communication, efficient services and better results for our clients nationwide.