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Fulmer Sill believes everyone is equal under the law. We take pride in providing an unparalleled commitment to our clients, most of whom are individuals, families and small businesses who have been unfairly treated or tragically harmed by large corporations. Our commitment, effort and skill allow us to successfully level the legal playing field, no matter the legal situation.

“A history of leadership in nationwide litigation…helping recover billions of dollars in compensation…helping thousands of families…a national reputation…handling big cases without big egos.”  -The Legal Examiner

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Cases We Handle

Dangerous Drugs or

Medical Devices

Fulmer Sill represents clients nationwide that have suffered significant injuries from dangerous prescription drugs and defective medical equipment.



Accidents and

Personal Injury

Accidents can be frightening and emotionally difficult, especially when harm or injury occurs to you or a loved one that is caused by the fault of an individual or company.



Bad Faith Litigation and

Insurance Coverage

When an insurance coverage dispute arises between an insured and insurer, it is important to have experienced lawyers on your side to advise and represent you in obtaining the best outcome.



Class Action


Our class action litigation practice has been honed over the years so that our firm is able to provide some of the most aggressive mass litigation legal services available in the nation.





Any person who foreseeably could have been injured by a defective product can recover for his or her injuries, as long as the product was sold to someone. Liability for a product defect could rest with any party in the product’s chain of distribution.





If you were injured or harmed because of exposure to toxic substances or carcinogens, let Fulmer Sill help you get compensation for your suffering and medical bills.



They Said It

Another law firm referred me to Simone Fulmer & the Fulmer Group to help with litigation against an uncooperative insurance company. Simone is known as an expert in this type of litigation. From the get go it was obvious her knowledge and experience was going to be beneficial. I was expecting a long drawn out wait of a couple of years to get anything settled. We went into mediation where her knowledge and negotiating skill was obvious. A tentative agreement was reached before the day was over and a final agreement a week later. The settlement was beyond my expectations.

Harrison C Lujan one of the Fulmer Group attorneys and Kera McBride a Fulmer Group Legal Operations Coordinator worked closely with Simone and me. They assisted in making the case go smoothly and without a hitch. Their professionalism and responsiveness far exceeded my experience with any law firm.

Todd W. | Edmond, OK

I am like a lot of people – I never thought I might need an attorney – especially since I was no way at fault in my auto accident. MY insurance company, when they final did call me, promised to take care of me – and they broke that promise. Until I was referred to Simone at the Fulmer Group, I didn’t know I had rights AND that there are laws to protect me against my own insurance company. Simone Fulmer is the most knowledgeable person I have ever met when it comes to laws and rights against the insurance companies. I was kept well informed by her or her staff at all times. My case settled in my favor, the staff at Fulmer Group kept the legal costs as low as possible and I received more of a settlement than I ever could have imagined!! Simone, Harrison Lujan and Kera McBride all treated me like a friend rather than a client. I just have one word to describe The Fulmer Group – AWESOMENESS!!

Pam C. | Park Hill, OK

Jacob Rowe is an outstanding Attorney. He has believed in me from the start and has represented me to the fullest. With his hard work and the dedication of Kera and the rest of the team at The Fulmer Group, my life wouldn't be where it is today. After a grueling two years, they have taken away my burden of the unknown - they have given me my life back. My family and I deeply thank Jacob, Kera and The Fulmer Group from the bottom of our hearts. I highly recommend them for any legal action as they are a hard working team that cares and treats you like family.

Jonathan A. | Vallejo, CA

Never thought I'd need an attorney, but when I did, due to problems with my insurance company, Fulmer Group really came through for me. ALL the people employed there are professional yet very personable! Made me feel at ease throughout the entire process, keeping me updated on every aspect. They LISTENED to me. . . they were interested in what I had to say. I would definitely recommend them to anyone having problems with their insurance company. Can't say enough positive things about all who work there. Like I said, never thought I'd need an attorney, never USED an attorney before, but THANK GOODNESS it was the Fulmer Group who came to my rescue. Totally, "two thumbs up"!

Angie P. | Oklahoma City, OK

Reasons to choose Fulmer Sill

  • You will receive a free case evaluation and case assessment.
  • You will have a team of advocates to prosecute your case.
  • You will benefit from our team’s knowledge to bring about the best possible results in your case.
  • You can easily reach us and we welcome your questions and concerns.
  • Your case will be treated as though it will be tried by a jury.
  • You will be in the most advantageous position possible during the negotiation stage.
  • Your case will be brought to trial when the defendant attempts to avoid responsibility.
  • You don’t make any initial payment. We’re only paid if there is a positive resolution to your case.
  • You can trust that our team has your best interest at heart.

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