Recent drought and miles of unmanaged forest on federal lands have led to damaging wildfires, destroying natural resources upon which ranchers, rural communities, wildlife and the general public rely. Overregulation and environmental litigation has resulted in greatly reduced livestock grazing and timber harvesting on those lands, which leads to a buildup of fuel, feeding intense fires that kill every living thing in their path, including micro-organisms in the soil that are necessary for recovery. According to the Evergreen Foundation, forest density has increased 40% in the U.S. over the last 50 years.


Fulmer Sill has extensive experience prosecuting cases against public utility companies that have caused wildfires resulting in catastrophic property damage and personal injury (often times due to the utility company’s defective electrical equipment and/or its failure to maintain adequate clearance between electrical lines, trees and shrubbery). The attorneys at Fulmer Sill understand how devastating it is to lose your home and all of your personal possessions. Even if you have homeowners insurance, many times that insurance does not reimburse you for all of your losses. We have found that most fire victims are underinsured; that is, property damage exceeds the amount of insurance coverage available to you. Your recovery may include monetary compensation for personal property damage, landscaping and destruction of trees, damage or loss of residential structures, cost of evacuation, annoyance and discomfort, loss of earnings and personal injury.


The damages that can result from a wildfire can be both physically and emotionally daunting. When you have your future on the line, you cannot afford to put your trust in an inexperienced attorney. Instead, you need to seek the guidance of attorneys who have extensive experience and resources to either reach a favorable settlement or win your case at trial. We have done both on behalf of our clients on numerous occasions. At Fulmer Sill, we are proud to deliver high-quality assistance to all of our clients. Should you choose to seek our legal representation, we are confident that our experience and knowledge will produce a favorable outcome for you. If you or a loved one have been affected by a wildfire, we encourage you to consult with our team as soon as possible. All initial consultations are free, and we don’t charge any up-front fees for representation. Fulmer Sill handles all fees on a contingency basis, meaning that unless we’re successful, you don’t have to pay us. Please contact us at (405)510.0077 for a free consultation.