What To Do If Your Claim For Life Insurance Benefits Has Been Denied

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Claim Denied

A life insurance policy is a contract between the policyholder and the insurance company, stating that if the policyholder dies, the life insurance company will pay their beneficiaries a certain amount of money as stated in the contract.

Unfortunately, insurance companies will look for any reason to deny a life insurance claim. Many people wait weeks or even months only to find out their claim has been denied. What should you do in this situation? Our life insurance attorneys are here to guide you.

First, it’s important to start by contacting the insurer for details on why your claim was denied. Some of the more common reasons life insurance claims are denied include the following:

  • The policy was not “in force” at the time of death or loss
  • Relying on ambiguous policy language to deny the claim
  • The death or loss occurred under “suspicious circumstances” not covered under the policy
  • The policy was purchased less than two years ago, so the insurance company tries to rescind the policy based on misrepresentation on the insurance application
  • Your loved one committed insurance fraud under state law

Next, work with professionals like us who have a vast knowledge of insurance claims. If you’ve been denied life insurance benefits, we’re here to help while you grieve your loved one. Our experienced team of life insurance attorneys works on your behalf to file an appeal and communicates directly with the insurance company. We will take your case to trial if need be.

As life insurance attorneys here in Oklahoma City, we know how to best handle life insurance disputes. Count on our years of experience and extensive resources to obtain a favorable outcome in your case. Please contact us at (405)510.0077 for a free consultation or request a case review here.

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