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Oklahoma City Ankle Replacement Recall Attorneys

Lawsuits for Defective Ankle Replacement Devices

Were you injured by a defective ankle replacement device? Has your ankle replacement device been slated for a recall? In either situation, you could have the grounds to file a claim or lawsuit against the device manufacturer, as well as the potential to be part of a larger mass tort or multidistrict litigation (MDL).

Explore your legal options with the help of Fulmer Sill in Oklahoma City. Our defective medical device team has handled a variety of complex cases, all related to poorly designed or unsafe medical devices and joint replacement systems, such as ankle replacement devices. You can trust in our experience and insight to lead the way and fight for your right to fair compensation for your harm and losses.

Depending on the details of your ankle replacement device lawsuit, you may be able to demand compensation that helps pay for:

  • Past and future medical treatment costs.
  • Expenses associated with your medical care or disability.
  • Lost wages and income due to work interruptions or disability.
  • Non-economic losses, such as pain, suffering, and hardship.

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Exactech Ankle Replacement Lawsuits

At Fulmer Sill, we are keeping track of all major recalls and lawsuits for defective ankle replacement devices, including a recent recall for Exactech® Vantage total ankle systems. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) initiated the recall after it became apparent that defects in the product packaging caused unsafe issues with the devices. Specifically, polyethylene liners used in Exactech ankle replacement system packaging fail to protect parts of the device from oxidation during shipping, transport, and storage. After implantation, the oxidated parts can wear down and create a variety of unsafe issues, including implant failure.

You may be eligible to file an Exactech ankle replacement lawsuit if:

  • You had an ankle implant surgery using an Exactech ankle system; and,
  • You suffered injuries or side effects related to an ankle system defect or failure; or,
  • Your ankle system has been recalled and you must undergo revision surgery to replace it.

Stryker STAR™ Ankle Device Lawsuits

In 2021, the FDA announced a recall of Stryker STAR Ankle devices. The primary issue found with the STAR Ankle device is that a plastic component within the device has a higher-than-expected failure rate and may fracture with normal use. If the part fractures, it can cause serious injuries, loss of mobility, and more.

You may be eligible to file a Stryker STAR Ankle device lawsuit if:

  • You had an ankle implant surgery using a STAR Ankle system; and,
  • You suffered injuries or side effects related to an ankle system defect or failure; or,
  • Your ankle system has been recalled and you must undergo revision surgery to replace it.

Dangers of Defective Ankle Devices

An ankle replacement device or system may become defective all at once, suddenly failing due to an abrupt break with the material. Or an ankle replacement device may start to fail gradually as the internal components start to wear down, deteriorate, or crack. The typical signs that an ankle replacement device is defective or breaking are ankle or foot pain, swelling around the joint, and unusual noises when walking.

No matter if an ankle replacement defect is sudden or gradual, the dangers and harm are often the same, such as:

  • Damaged soft tissue around the ankle replacement implant.
  • Bone loss in the ankle, foot, or leg bones.
  • Infection or higher risk of infection.
  • Loss of mobility or severe pain when walking and standing.
  • Need for revision surgery (which carries its own risks).
  • And other serious issues related to the affected ankle and mobility.

Who is Responsible for Defective Ankle Replacement?

Our defective medical device lawyers can investigate your case to determine which party or parties should be liable for the harm caused by the defective or recalled ankle replacement system. Typically, the manufacturer of the implant – such as Stryker and Exactech – is the defendant due to medical product liability laws. If that is the case, you can rest a little easier knowing that our law firm is backed by extensive experience, resources, and insight that help us challenge any defendant, including medical device manufacturers and large corporations.

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