a truck towing a trailer towing a boat

Dangers of Double-Towing

Be Careful

Double-towing involves towing two large objects simultaneously, such as a travel trailer and a boat. Although it may seem like an easy way to move multiple loads simultaneously, there are genuine risks associated with this activity. From difficulty maintaining control due to extra weight and extended length when turning to potential damage caused by items hitting each other while in motion - double-towing can quickly become hazardous if not done correctly. In this blog, we will discuss the various dangers of double-towing and how best to avoid them.

Extra Weight

Double-towing involves towing two large objects significantly heavier than a single object, meaning the vehicle or trailer attempting to do the double-tow must be powerful enough to handle the extra weight. This can strain the brakes, suspension, and transmission and create extra drag and decreased fuel efficiency. Additionally, the excess weight can make it difficult to maintain vehicle control as it speeds up, slows down, and turns.

Extended Length when Turning

When double-towing two large objects together, the length of the combined vehicles extends beyond that of a single object. This makes maneuvering more challenging, especially when making tight turns like those encountered while navigating city streets or winding mountain roads. It can also be difficult to see what is happening behind you, making it easy to lose control of the vehicle.

Potential Damage

In addition to the difficulty in controlling the vehicle, double-towing can cause potential damage to both objects being towed. In some cases, items may become loose and hit each other while in motion, causing scratches or dents. Even if both objects are securely attached to the vehicle, the vibrations caused by double-towing can cause damage over time.

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The best way to avoid these risks is to ensure that you have a powerful enough vehicle for the task at hand and take extra care when maneuvering. It is also important to check all attachments before setting out and to stop frequently to ensure everything is as it should be. Double-towing can be done safely, but extra care must be taken to ensure everyone involved's safety. If you've been involved in an accident involving a negligent driver double-towing, the team at Fulmer Sill is here to help.

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