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Three Recent Tesla Recalls Owners Should Know About

Tesla is the world leader in self-driving vehicles, also called autonomous vehicles, smart cars, and, most recently, advanced driver-assisted technology vehicles. But the multinational brand is not without its flaws. Each year, there are more and more car accidents involving smart cars, which raises questions about their safety and reliability.

This summer, Tesla has also quietly announced three major recalls that affect nearly 200,000 vehicles altogether. Many Tesla owners are not even aware of these recalls because they didn’t check their mail and emails closely enough. As a Tesla owner, did you know about these recalls?

Infotainment System Overheat Glitches

The infotainment systems in some Tesla vehicles can overheat, causing an array of different issues.

If the infotainment system overheats, it can cause:

  • Infotainment system lag
  • Blacked-out infotainment screen
  • Blinded review camera displays
  • Loss of windshield wiper control
  • Inability to defrost the rear windshield
  • Removal of gear shift indicators
  • Inability to change or turn down the music
  • And other issues

It is not known at this time if an overheating infotainment system can pose a fire hazard. Tesla reports that it has not heard of any injuries caused by this glitch. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has opened an investigation into Tesla's quality control measures all the same.

Nearly 130,000 Tesla vehicles—including Model Y, Model S, Model X, and Model 3 vehicles from 2021 and 2022—were impacted by the recall order. However, the automaker has boasted that the vast majority of the defects that caused the system to overheat could be fixed remotely. One of the added benefits of the vehicles’ internet connectivity is that they can download important software and firmware updates remotely, which is reportedly how the overheating issue was addressed.

Driver HUD Blackout

In an issue similar to the infotainment system, Tesla announced a recall of almost the same number of vehicles last year due to a heads-up display (HUD) screen blackout. Randomly, the screen could shut off, which could be the same screen as the infotainment system screen, depending on the vehicle model. Unlike the overheating issue, though, this problem required computer processor replacements, not just an update via the internet.

Automatic Emergency Call System Failure

In Germany, the Federal Motor Transport Authority announced this summer that nearly 60,000 Tesla Model Y and Model 3 vehicles must be recalled due to a problem with the automatic emergency call system. The system is supposed to notify emergency responders on its own if the vehicle detects a crash. Reports have suggested that this system is unreliable, though, so drivers might be lulled into a false sense of security by thinking the car will call for emergency assistance for them after a wreck.

Tesla has announced that an over-the-air update through an internet connection should fix the glitch. It is not known how effective the software update has been, though. It is also not clear if only vehicles registered in Germany are having this issue, or if Tesla vehicles in all countries are not correctly dialing emergency services when in a car accident.

Is Your Tesla Recalled?

How can you tell if your Tesla is recalled? There is an easy way. Just visit the NHTSA recall website: https://www.nhtsa.gov/recalls. Type in the Tesla’s VIN or Vehicle Identification Number. The website will inform you if it has been flagged for a recall that is known by the NHTSA.

Were you in a crash while driving or riding in your Tesla and do you think a defect with the vehicle might have caused it? Call (405) 433-7414 to connect with Fulmer Sill. We help people nationwide with complex automotive accident claims and product liability lawsuits, which can overlap with Tesla defect cases. Contact us online to arrange a no-cost consultation.

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