How Millennials are Changing the World You Know

How Millennials are Changing the World You Know

Fulmer Sill is proud to have our Law Clerk, Peyton Howell’s article featured in the April edition of Living Safer Magazine! Read the article here:

Millennial. This word can have a drastically different meaning, depending on who you ask. Say the word to anyone over the age of forty and they will likely respond with words like lazy, entitled, and selfish. Ask anyone in their mid-twenties how they would describe a millennial and you may hear words like ambitious, creative, and empowered. Regardless of how you feel about millennials, they are transforming your world in many ways.

This generation, loosely defined as those born after 1981 and before 1997, grew up in an electronics-filled and increasingly online and socially-connected world. Millennials also grew up in a time full of participation awards and adults telling them that they could be whatever they wanted when they grew up. This unique upbringing would shape how many millennials approach work, the economy, and the environment.

Millennials are breaking the mold and bringing change to the workplace. They are extremely team-oriented and enjoy collaborating and building friendships with their colleagues. Millennials crave a nontraditional workplace, one that fosters innovation and divergent ideas. Many workplaces are catching on and are redesigning their office space to allow for easy idea-sharing and teamwork (think open floor plans, whiteboards, and conference rooms equipped with content streaming devices). Millennials also want flexibility, they care deeply about work/life balance. Their productivity spikes when they are able to split their time between working remotely from home and working in an office with their coworkers. In fact, recent Gallup research showed that optimal engagement occurs when employees spend 60 to 80 percent of their time working off-site.

Millennials have ushered in an era of convenience through technology. This generation grew up getting information on-demand and now that “ease of access” has bled over into other aspects of their lives. Apps like Postmates, GrubHub, and Uber Eats have completely revolutionized the food industry. Many restaurants are beginning to incorporate these apps into their business strategy. They are also turning to services that provide access to goods without the burden of ownership, they are opting out of purchasing cars and choosing to use rideshare services like Uber, Lyft, and Lime. In a similar fashion, they have turned to apps like Airbnb for places to stay when they travel. Traditional services like taxis, rental car companies, and hotels have already begun to feel the effects and will need to adapt to stay relevant.

More than any other generation, millennials are taking strides to protect the environment. Outside of recycling and living in tiny homes, they are also supporting the environment by voting with their wallet. Millennials do their research and tend to prioritize buying from companies that have environmentally sustainable practices, like Patagonia and Apple. On the flip side, they are completely avoiding companies that have been connected to a negative impact on the environment. One such company is Monsanto, the makers of Roundup and other pesticides. Monsanto’s products have been linked to a negative impact on the environment. Recent studies have linked Roundup to multiple forms of cancer, which has sparked a wave of lawsuits across the nation. Fulmer Sill recently filed a lawsuit for injuries related to Roundup and is ready to help anyone who feels that they may have suffered an injury from the product.

While it is yet to be seen what all this generation will accomplish, one thing is certain—millennials are changing the world you know.

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