Making a Claim

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In the state of Oklahoma, insurance companies have what we call the duty of good faith and fair dealing and that means when they’re handling your claim, they’ve got to treat you reasonably. They’ve got to treat you in good faith and that obligation takes a lot of different forms. They’ve got to handle your claim promptly. They’ve got to do a proper investigation, they’ve got to thoroughly investigate your claim. They’ve also got to investigate your claim even handedly.

A lot of people think that insurance companies are there to deny your claim and that’s not always true, but in many instances it is. If an insurance company has denied your claim and you don’t think that they’ve really thought about it, if an insurance company has denied your claim and they haven’t conducted any investigation as far as you’ve seen, you might have a bad faith case. A smart lawyer once told me that insurance bad faith really is just the smell test. If the way that the insurance company has handled your claim just doesn’t smell right. Somebody should look into when your insurance company doesn’t help you. Fulmer Sill can.

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