Back to school safety with a school bus

Tips for Back to School Safety

With a lot of children headed back to school, there will be more congestion on the streets. More buses, more cars, more pedestrians, and more cyclists will all be sharing the roads. As experienced injury attorneys, we can’t stress how important it is to keep best safety practices top of mind.

Here are our top tips for back to school safety in Oklahoma:

Be Aware of Pedestrians

Aside from keeping distractions limited and keeping your eyes focused on the road ahead, be sure to do the following to ensure safe passage for all pedestrians:

  • Adhere to flashers –if flashes are blinking in the school zone, you must stop and yield to pedestrians crossing.
  • Stop before the crosswalk –whether you are stopped at a red light or waiting to turn, be sure the crosswalk is clear so pedestrians can walk safely in the proper area.
  • Following crossing guard’s directions –they are there to ensure everyone’s safety. Follow their guidance even if traffic lights or signs tell you otherwise.
  • Save honking for emergencies –honking can startle children and put them in
  • Always avoid striking pedestrians –this goes without saying, but no matter who has the right away, use extreme caution to avoid hitting a pedestrian at all costs.

Sharing the Road with Cyclists

Many children ride bikes to school. Typically, bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as vehicles. Keep in mind, children may not know how to properly navigate traffic conditions. It is your job as an adult to practice all safety measures.

  • Always leave at least3 feet between your car and a nearby cyclist
  • Watch for cyclists that are coming from behind cars, out of driveways.
  • Be aware that children on bikes may not look before turning, so always keep a close eye and yield.

Sharing the Road with Buses

Buses make frequent stops. Follow these tips as a guide to share road safety with buses:

  • It is illegal to pass a school bus that is stopped to load or unload children. Do not pass, ever!
  • If the stop sign has been extended from the bus and/or the lights are passing, ALL traffic must stop.
  • Never pass a bus from behind.

By following our tips, drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists can all exist together safely this school season. If your child is injured in an accident coming in or out of school in Oklahoma, count on our team to guide you. Contact Fulmer Sill at (405) 433-7414 to get started on your case.


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